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Make your dreams of success a reality

Make your financial success possible with help from a company that is dedicated to providing quality tax and bookkeeping services. Turn to a team that plays a pivotal role in the community and offers time and personalized attention in order to serve you better.

Trust our established company

Turn to our experienced firm that was established in January 1997 by Evelyn McGrant. McGrant Tax & Bookkeeping started at 435 Bradford Dr. in Charlotte, NC, with this ambitious entrepreneur and 6 employees. Years later, you can benefit from the original vision to provide quality tax services and IRS education. Visit us for a complete understanding of your IRS concerns.

Meet your financial needs with our growing efforts

McGrant Tax & Bookkeeping opened with the help of family and friends and word-of-mouth advertising. The firm has expanded over the years and created a strong connection within the community and a solid base of customers. In 2000, our second location was opened for additional business. McGrant Tax & Bookkeeping now represents a common brand along interstate lines as well as within the small business community.

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